Many things have happened since the beginning of this adventure … in 2006 we got married, in 2013 our first dog arrives: Iron.

Now we have 5 dogs, all Epagneul Breton. There have also been several cats over the years,

She worked in a multinational in Milan but originally from Brescia, he originally from Reggio Emilia where he worked in a photographic studio and studied at university.

Alessia Comini

Born in 1970, married to Cristian since 2006, she was catapulted by the latter into the photographic profession from a completely different working world, but she immediately loved this which she considers to be a form of art rather than a job.

Eclectic and with multiple interests, she is at ease in contact with people, which is why she takes care of the commercial part of the studio, and her technical background allows her to move well with the photo post-production programs.

Alessia Alessia supports Cristian in the creation of the services and takes care of the post-production and layout of the albums as well as the shop.

Cristian Umili

Born in 1976, Cristian was practically born with a passion for photography, he doesn’t even remember the first time he photographed!

Before joining the studio, he worked from 1997 to 2003 in a photographic studio in Reggio Emilia, his hometown, and gained considerable experience in various sectors of photography, including food, advertising and industrial photography, as well as wedding photography.

Only recently, with the arrival of our 5 dogs, has dog and pet photography added to all this, which is giving us great satisfaction.

Cristian takes care, in addition to the realization of the services, of contacts with the spouses, of the estimates and of the post-production of theimmagini.

The studio has collaborations and other team members who can change as needed.

And we can’t forget the BOSSES!!!




Number of the Beast

Phantom of the opera